The escalators of Comuna 13

Inaugurated in 2011, the escalators of commune 13 have become a benchmark for urban planning worldwide.

The escalators, a journey to a more inclusive and prosperous city.

After the military operations in Comuna 13, the Colombian state once again had a presence in this area controlled by crime and micro-trafficking of drugs, where before 2002 neither the police nor the army could enter.

As part of the strategy, the government not only limited itself to bringing a military presence, but a whole plan for social inclusion.
In order to reintegrate this area into the city, it was decided to build the escalators in the Las Independencias 1 neighborhood, in commune 13.

These stairs improved the quality of life of the entire commune, especially it improved the lives of the elderly who were in trouble as they were forced to climb 350 steps that are now electric.

The escalator project named "Independence Pathways 1" was a success.
And it not only intended to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of commune 13 but also that the citizens of Medellín look back at this area of the city.
In its construction, more than 1,102 square meters of public space were created.

The system includes two buildings located at the ends of the escalators: in the upper part where Section 6 connects with the viaduct of the Media Ladera and in the lower part where section 1 connect with the sector known as Cabeza del Reversadero.

These buildings protect spaces for the realization of community, institutional, administrative and technical activities, where the operation of the Escalators will be coordinated, converting them not only into control elements but into an urban reference and a meeting point for the residents of the sector and its surroundings.

"A rigorous peace effort has quelled the armed conflict, while a recent report classified it as the fastest growing metropolitan economy in Latin America."

This ingenious planning has finally yielded incredible results.
Today its more than 12,500 inhabitants no longer have to climb these stairs of approximately 28 levels.
And although vehicles still do not have access, a viaduct has been built that allows transport by motorcycle within these areas, which with art has also been transformed into a pedestrian path for tourists.

That's right. Today commune 13 is the most touristic place in Medellín.

And it is that inevitably these works began to attract the attention not only of the same inhabitants of Medellín who decided to walk its forgotten corners again, but also of tourism since Comuna 13 is indisputably the most perfect place to talk about transformation

And this tourism has brought progress, employment and has been part of this transformation where a lot of small businesses are born.
And the quality of life in this area, which in the past was so complex, has begun to offer opportunities where art galleries, cafes, music, popsicle shops and many graffiti are part of the magic.

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