Best Free Tour of Comuna 13

Currently several companies offer free tours to the Comuna 13.
In our company we do not offer this service because we try to offer experiences where you can interact more with the guides and we like to handle smaller groups.
However, I will leave you a list of the 2 best free tours of Comuna 13 if you decide to go on a free graffiti tour.

It is important that you remember to be careful now more than ever with the Covid-19 and to arrive early, since as they are large groups they cannot wait for you!

Free Tours: Comuna 13 Graffiti Tours

Medellin Graffiti Free Walking Tour Comuna 13

We are the most innovative tour guides in Comuna 13!
We are located in Comuna 13!
Join us on this interesting tour of the
Comuna 13 enjoying one of the best escalators in the world, due to its characteristics.
We will make a wonderful walking tour, once we get to the neighborhood; we will see many beautiful things like graffiti mural and others.
We'll also make 7 stops on this walking tour, to talk about the history and current events regarding Medellin and its beautiful places.

This activity includes:

  • Tour culture and graffitis.
  • Local Guides- street art desings
  • Escalators
  • History
  • Street-Dance
  • Empanadas and Ice-Creams
Graffiti Free Zippy Walking Tour Comuna 13

We are your best local guides in COMUNA 13!
We live there!
Join us on this interesting tour of Comuna 13 and the famous Escalators.
We will make 8 stops on this walking tour to explain some history, talk about current events in this famous part of Medellin, show the mural graffiti art and introduce some of our dance rhythms.

Booking required, especially on weekends
-Be on time at the meeting point. (10 min before)
-During the tour remain with your guide.
-Wear comfortable walking shoes.