How to get to the comuna 13 Graffiti Tour?

To go to the graffiti tour in commune 13 is very easy!
Although in some of our tours we offer transportation, if you want to go on your own you have two ways, by Taxi / Uber or by Metro.

How to go by taxi / Uber to the Comuna 13 Graffiti tour Medellín?

If you are in a taxi or in an Uber or any other car platform, it is very likely that any driver knows how to get there.
In case the driver does not know how to get there, you can use google maps or share it with the driver.

Comuna 13 Google MapsClick Here

In case the driver does not have Internet, the San Javier metro station would be the best point of reference.
Although getting off there would not be the most practical if you go by car.
Ideally, you can better arrive to the "20 de Julio church", which is next to the graffiti or directly ask where most of the tours starts.

The recommendation is to first talk to the tour guide and establish a meeting point.

How to arribe by metro to the Comuna 13?

Getting there by metro is very easy!
You just have to get to the San Javier station. Many of our tours start from there.
The cost of the metro is very cheap and at any of the stations you can buy the entrance ticket using Colombian Pesos.
Here is the map, you just need to go to San Javier Metro station and meet your tour guide there.

If you do not have any tour guide you can book one here:

Whatsapp: +57 3113001475Click Aquí