What you need to know before going to Comuna 13

Comuna 13 is a beautiful place where you will see lots of graffitis and nice people.
There are some amazing art galleries as well.
But Comuna 13 is more than this.
Unfortunately, many tourists make the mistake to go the first time by their self and end up thinking is just graffitis.

Commune 13 is much more than a graffiti tour. It is a story of transformation of an entire country.

In order for you to avoid these types of errors and have the best possible experience, we have created some recommendations for you to have a better experience.

  • Chose a company or a tour guide with good reviews.
    Avoid making the mistake of getting there and selecting a guide without knowing which company does it or even worse, if he know what he is saying.
    Because, really anyone can offer these services.
    So you should ask yourself:
    Is this person or company reliable? And what kind of experience you should expect from them?
  • Are you willing to walk?
    There are different tours and some longer than others. In some of them you will need public transportation and also you can have a downtown city tour  and in others you can go directly by car.

    If you have more time and walking is not a problem, the best tour would be "City Tour with comuna 13" although it is a much longer tour, it is the most complete tour you can do in Medellín.

  • Remember to wear comfortableshoes and sun protection.
    Even on the tour where you walk less you are going to walk a lot for that avoid heels if you are a lady.
  • Take cash.
    Commune 13 is a place where you will find many small businesses and many do not have the ability to receive payments with credit cards.
    It is also likely that you will fall in love with one of the paintings.
  • Cable cars or not?
    Many tours offer you the possibility of using the cable cars. But it is not worth using it if there is a lot of line.
    Especially if you are going to go to the beautiful Arví park later.
  • Can I go at night?
    If you are busy during the day at night you can also go to Comuna 13.
    Although everything is very different, since you will have fewer tourists and also the view is very different, but is also beautiful.
    If you want to go at night try not to be too late, start the tour at 6 or 7 pm.
    And avoid going at night if it is Sundays or holidays since since the escalators are turned off earlier.

If you have any questions or want to ask me something, I will be at your service.